Thursday, April 26, 2012

I am saddened as I type this.... word has reached me this morning that one of our own crafters, a wonderful, caring, giving, compassionate, creative lady (LynnK1970 on Youtube) has been murdered along with her 18 year daughter and pets. 

I can not explain the circumstances - I was told by another Youtuber - and she had this web address:     I also searched for North Bend, WA News and found the same info. 

Lynn posted videos all the time on YT and was so loving and caring and just sooo nice.  I can not believe something like this happened to her and her daughter (and pets).  Her husband shot them and set fire to their home.  He is now on the run.

I will keep them all in my prayers - I know one thing:  The angels are making pretty flowers and crafting up a storm now... Lynn my friend... I will miss you.

Mary  :o(


  1. I was also sad to hear this.
    My thoughts go out to their family.
    I hope they find whoever did this.

    1. Tracy - they are pretty sure it was her husband that did it. He was found dead in a bunker in the mountains, he killed himself.

      He was a survivilist and thought the end of the world was coming.

      So so sad.